Performance Testing
Performance testing is kind of like a stress test for your software. Imagine you have built a bridge...
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Checklists and Mind Maps
Checklists & Mind Maps
Checklists Checklists in software testing are structured lists of items or tasks used to guide and organize...
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Regression testing
Regression Testing
Regression testing is a type of testing performed to ensure that any modifications, updates, or bug fixes...
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Manual vs automated testing
Manual & Automated Testing
Automated and manual testing are equally important because they address different aspects of the software...
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Shift Left Testing
Hey there, fellow software tester! Let’s talk about something that’s been revolutionizing...
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Why Agile Is So Popular?
Welcome to the world of Agile! If you’re new to this innovative approach to project management...
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software bug
The Hidden Benefits Of Software Bugs
Software bugs are an inevitable part of the development process, and while they can be a source of frustration,...
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Qa Engineer
QA Engineer - Tech Baker
Imagine you’re baking a cake. You’ve got all the ingredients laid out, the recipe in front...
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software testing bootcamp
Software Testing Bootcamp
Are you interested in breaking things, but in a good way? Do you like being the one who finds the problems...
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